A visual ode to local landscape from June Films - blog post image

A visual ode to local landscape from June Films

The Haze has a chat with acclaimed videographer/editor Amie Perry-Thorne (UK) to discuss her recent experiences while shooting in the Blue Mountains for June Film’s latest project ‘Blue as The Mountains’.

The visually stunning short film uses the euphoric natural beauty of the local environment found in The Blue Mountains to challenge viewers conceptual views of time and space. This abstract project was brought to life from the creative minds of Amie and her fellow June Film filmmaker, Abdull Nurdin-Hussein. Together, the collaboration leaves viewers transcending, best described; "before we are through, I think you'll agree, that truth is stranger than the strangest fiction" Amie Perry-Thorne.


The use of environment as a source of inspiration:

“Walking along the cliff paths of the Blue Mountains, and the National Pass in particular, is an incredibly humbling experience. As you pass each corner and more of the view is revealed it puts into perspective just how immense the vast landscape is.

“The tranquility and timelessness of the Blue Mountains was a big theme for the project - we wanted to look at how time somehow seems to slow down and stand still in the presence of ancient landscapes. Wentworths Falls was also an incredible place to film because of the sheer scale of the waterfall, and the beauty of the tumbling water makes it an almost magical place to be.”

“From the long winding trails of ants in the red dirt, to the flocks of birds soaring past the cliff faces, and the ancient rock of the mountains themselves, this is a place of harmony where life occurs simultaneously without the concept of time… Here in the vastness and haze of Blue Mountains, time seems to both stand still and flit past all at once. We really wanted to show the untouched beauty of the Blue Mountains.” – Amie Perry-Thorne.


Equipment used to shoot the film includes a Panasonic GH5S camera; Canon 24-105mm F4 Lens + 82mm Variable ND Filter; Ronin S gimbal.

Edited using a Adobe Premiere Pro on a Macbook Pro.

The Artists:

Abdull Nurdin-Hussein was main Camera on this shoot - He's a cinematographer with over 15 years of experience in the industry and has worked on everything from broadcast documentaries such as Netflix's 'The Ivory Game', to Commercial shoots for local businesses and big international brands.

Amie Perry-Thorne was Editor & second Camera on this film - She's a filmmaker with a background in contemporary art, and first began her film career making video installations during an art degree in London. She's since worked in various aspects of TV/Film production around the world, and due to her professional art training she has an affinity for art direction.

About June Films:

June Films is a filmmaking partnership between Amie Perry-Thorne & Abdull Nurdin-Hussein: a talented pair of filmmakers with a passion for cinematic storytelling, and a desire to make beautiful films telling genuine stories.

Website: | Instagram: @lovejunefilms | Facebook: | Vimeo:

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