Australian musicians helping Aussie farmers - blog post image

Australian musicians helping Aussie farmers

Dashville Skyline Festival launches 40-track compilation album in support of drought relief.

Sparse rains fell over parts of NSW this weekend. It was a small change to an otherwise devastating situation. Already burdened by the major supermarkets, the weight of the worst drought we've seen in 50 years is in full effect and has a huge section of those living on the land doing it tougher than ever, both on the farms and in the home.

Thankfully there's a large community of individuals and organisations working hard to rally support and raise funds to help regional Australia survive. Dashville want to pitch in and do their bit to be part of this community and show Australian farmers that we care.

When we took this concept to Dashville Skyline artists playing in 2018 and a cross section of acts from 2017 there was no convincing required, with an overwhelming number of artists offering up their support and stunning music to raise much-needed funds.

Make it Rain, is a whopping 40-song, two-CD compilation full of Skyline performers, from world-renowned artists like The Waifs and C.W. Stoneking, to rising stars like Ben Leece, Grace Turner, The San Sebastian and Ruby Gilbert. This is a stunning catalogue of music, which will be sold with 100% of profits going direct to farming families via the Country Womens Association of New South Wales.

CWA are providing grants of up to $3000 to drought-affected families to help meet household expenses. Expenses include grocery bills, vehicle maintenance, school, electricity, rates, telephone, dental and medical (gap payments or cost of travel to access treatment), and can be current and/or outstanding.

Dashville, in rural Lower Belford, has close ties to Hunter Valley farmers, some of whom have supported or attended our events over the years. Along with the fundraising efforts of the compilation album, Dashville is also working with the CWA to provide complimentary festival passes to those farmers in the grip of the crisis.


Copies of Make it Rain can be pre-purchased via Dashville's official online store and collected at the festival, or can be purchased and posted to punters who can't make the big party on September 28 to 30.

Unfolding over the Labour Day long weekend, the fourth installment of Dashville Skyline will feature three full days of country inspired activity, combined with over 40 live performances, one by one over two stages.

Pic: Xylouris White dancing.

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