Sarah Mcleod: New Video for 'Wild Hearts' + Extended National Tour Dates - blog post image

Sarah Mcleod: New Video for 'Wild Hearts' + Extended National Tour Dates

Aussie rock royalty Sarah McLeod has just dropped a new video for her gorgeous single Wild Hearts. The single and music video are both laid-back, managing to portray that there is beauty even in the most mundane moments in life.

Sarah has a rich history in Australia as a talented vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, first finding fame in the late 1990s with the 3X ARIA Award winning rock band The Superjesus. Wild Hearts is lifted from Sarah’s self-produced new album, Rocky's Diner – her first solo album in 12 years - released on August 18.

The new single is a fine example of Sarah's storytelling abilities; with just a few select words she paints a vivid picture. Managing to create depth to her character that demands multiple listens.

Sarah explains, "I wanted a lead who could show fulfillment within a scenario that to most would appear to be [a] failure. I was going to start by describing what my character was, but I decided rather to describe what she wasn't, and let the listener imagine the rest… I was imagining a woman around my own age, not oblivious to the world around her but not an active participant either. She's not flighty, she's a thinker. She has a repetitive life and she enjoys the routine, and she would find fulfillment through creating stories about fictitious characters doing fictitious things. This writing was her release and it made her happy and no one in the world could touch that."

The video documents seemingly routine moments in time, like passing buskers in the street - but rather than rush by them, like you might if you were on your way to work or similar responsibilities, the clip allows you to stay a while. With the help of Jessica Mauboy, Tina Arena, and Havana Brown; Sarah has created a little time capsule of a creative moment in her life, alongside her canine companion Chachi, and invites the audience to share it with her.

"The clip is basically about depicting the beauty in what appears to be the mundane. Observing people in the street connecting with each other, finding joy in simplicity, all through the eyes of me and my best friend, my dog Chachi...and now I've got a little movie of me and Chachi to watch when we're older! That clip will make me smile forever." – Sarah McLeod.

Sarah has added nine extra shows to her already massive national Rocky's Diner tour. The tour will swing through Adelaide at Jive on November 5, then move through Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury, Bulli, before finishing up in Sydney at The Lansdowne on December 16.

The tour will have Sarah performing as a two-piece band with drummer Mick Skelton (Baby Animals), the powerhouse and self-confessed lover of touring confesses she has some seriously unique and impressive plans for the shows, explaining: 

"I have designed a guitar whereby I can play bass and regular guitar at the same time. It's been a lot of trial and error because I didn't really know what I was doing - but it seems to be working now! It's a very ambitious live show, but super fun to perform. Chachi comes with us as well, she wears little headphones and sits on stage. I love touring so I don't even care where I am or where I am going, as long as I am playing every night I am happy. I feel I am at my best when I'm touring."

Tickets and venue details for the newly announced Rocky's Diner tour can be found on Tickets on sale Thursday September 21, 9am.

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