The East Pointers head to Katoomba - blog post image

The East Pointers head to Katoomba

On Saturday 9th December - the wonderful and wild Canadian trio The East Pointers will be playing live at The Metropole as part of their international tour and sensational new album – What We Leave Behind.

Hot off the momentum of 2015’s internationally acclaimed JUNO Award-winning album Secret Victory, the group are wrapped to be back in front of Australian crowds. Their fanbase has skyrocketed in recent years with Australia becoming like a second home for the group.

“We’ve met such a variety of people through our shows,” says banjoist for the group, Koady Chaisson, “from the women who knitted us hats during our shows in the far North of Scotland through to groups of young surfy guys singing along to the instrumental parts in ‘Cold’, in Australia. I think it’s because it’s music with a really wide entry point – there’s a lot going on but it invites you right in.”

The East Pointer’s music is a rare brew with its uncanny ability to draw inspiration from the group’s wanderings and use it to deftly leverage a whole spectrum of human emotion in their music. The group are known to use anything; from fishing boats to small communities. With Tim Chaisson on lead vocals, this lyrical maturity shines in a pair of striking new songs.

What We Leave Behind’s lead single '82 Fires' (stream/download) was a joint effort with Australian musician Liz Stringer after the group were inspired by a visit to Tasmania in early 2017 where they became aware 82 wildfires were currently ravaging the state – the most fires at one time in more than half a century.

Koady Chaisson reflects "It was a restless few days for us. Small human decisions about where to sleep or whether or not the show would go on didn't matter, Mother Nature would always have the final say."
The track went viral on Spotify. Koady says "82 Fires went into the viral category within the week, so we got pretty excited because we were in the company of big tracks including Kesha's comeback single."

Another hit single from the album, 'Two Weeks' (stream/download) documents a passage common in the band's home province of Prince Edward Island and played out the world over in economically challenged communities: the need to leave home and travel far away from friends and family to find work, and the havoc it can wreak on your personal relationships and health.

"When I played that song for my mom, she said 'That's going to hit home for a lot of people," Koady Chaisson says. "On the Island many families are forced to split their time, with at least one member having to go out west - usually to Alberta - to make ends meet. It's so hard. I did it, though luckily not for long, but there are people in my community going through it month after month, year after year."

What We Leave Behind reflects on the traditions of East Coast Canadian Celtic music, but also takes giant strides in new directions. With a captivating balance between their traditional-sounding instrumental tunes and radio-ready songs, the group’s music reaches a wide range of listeners.

“The band serve up a spectacular mix of traditional and contemporary music, instrumental prowess and lyrical thoughtfulness…[a] beautifully crafted piece of work, filled with instrumental intrigue and narrative complexity” - The Music.

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In concert @ The Metropole Guesthouse (Cnr of Lurline and Gang Gang Streets, Katoomba).

Saturday 9th December, doors open at 5 pm.

For more info head to

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