The Haze Mag Turns 10 - blog post image

The Haze Mag Turns 10

Can you believe this handy little local music and arts magazine has hit 10 issues? There's a million stories about how we got here but we'll save those for another time and just take the opportunity to say thanks to those who have helped along the way.

This edition features our Winter magic tribute, our Andie interview with coffee made by the Red Bee dude, our amazing insight into the alternate Katoomba culture, on the set of Alien Covenant, and all the other info that we're super proud to bring to you.

The distribution hit 200+ stores this issue, with the team doing a door-to-door of almost every business on Katoomba St!

The Team

Mark and Samantha would love to shout out to the team who give up so much of their time!
Willem Hendriksen, Corin Shearston, Brigitte Grant, Pat Bowden, Caleb Marshall, Mathew Currey, Kay Nightingale, Marco Grilli, Travis Hackett, Lona Logan, David Tobin, David Alston, Meg Benson, Charity Mirow, Roger Kidd, Xandro and the others who have dropped in on meetings and given us a hand with content for this issue.

The Sponsors

Hey, thank you to our sponsors, without them we'd have no magazine - please support these guys and let them know you saw their Advert in The Haze!
Hillbilly Cider, Music in the Mountains, Aus Music Week, Fusion Boutique, Baxland Tavern, Music Hunter, Blue Mountains Music Academy, Katoomba Music, The Joan, Rhythm Hunters, Katoomba Family Hotel, The Alexandra Hotel Leura, Shelter Studio / KFM Media, Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub,, Design Heroes, and Blue Mountains Printing. Please make sure to support the sponsors that support our local music, arts and culture!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the edition, feel free to send us any feedback you may have, tag us (@thehazemag #thehazemag) or send stories to news @

See you in September!

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