Dragon Bringing Fireworks to Winter Magic Festival - blog post image

Dragon Bringing Fireworks to Winter Magic Festival

Thoroughly engrained into the Aussie psyche since they formed in 1973, Dragon are still flying strong with the addition of ...

14 June
In The Key of NYC - blog post image

In The Key of NYC

Tracey Yarad is the director of Blue Mountains Music Academy and is performing with her trio at the Avalon Jazz Corner duri...

13 June
The Haze goes digital - blog post image

The Haze goes digital

Blue Mountains premier music and arts magazine The Haze has finally taken the plunge into the cybersurf with a webernet blogamatronic s...

06 June
Welcome to the West: El Jistos - blog post image

Welcome to the West: El Jistos

Corin Shearston chats with wordsmith and Catalyst Punk label owner El Jistos about the hip hop scene

“I think there’...

13 March
Spooky Mens Business - blog post image

Spooky Mens Business

The Spooky Men’s Chorale are once again mooring their man-ship at the Music Festival, awash with facial hair, dapper hats, oversized spanne...

10 March
Post-Rock From The Beach House - blog post image

Post-Rock From The Beach House

With music being described as ‘the score to a film that doesn’t exist’, and a collective creative goal to ‘provoke the abstract and intangi...

04 March
Metal Mountains - blog post image

Metal Mountains

Whether it’s a handful of Goths in Goulbourn or a hundred Rastafarians in Melbourne, every town and city has its own subcultures. Katoomba and t...

02 March
Gravy & Ukuleles - blog post image

Gravy & Ukuleles

Uke Punk Trio say Small has it All!

Three brawny gentlemen categorising themselves as barefoot, bindi lovin’, uke punk, Covers...

02 March
Homecoming Queen: Julia Jacklin - blog post image

Homecoming Queen: Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin’s debut record may be taking her places but she’s definitely not leaving the Mountains behind


17 November


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